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About Me

Do you know what one of the main problems with public schooling is? The curriculum is often very rigid and does not account for each student’s unique learning style. This means that some students excel, while others struggle because they cannot adapt to the same learning style as everyone else. That’s where this blog comes in.

What You Can Expect from This Writing Blog

This blog is an alternative way for students to seek writing help. Here, you will find many articles about writing. The topics range from techniques that your writing teacher won’t tell you to informative pieces that condense information about writing so it is easier for you to understand.

Something About Me

A passion for helping younger (and older) people learn and an interest in the writing field have driven me to start this blog. I want to inform others about certain techniques that have worked for me as I wrote essays, research papers, and dissertations in the past.

Currently, I am a college student studying to become an English teacher. Until I have a classroom that I can pass information onto, this is the outlet that will keep my writing skills sharp and help me teach others.

I sincerely hope that you find this writing help blog to contain a wealth of information. From special tips to condensed, easy-to-understand information on the writing process, the article topics will vary. So, look around! You are sure to find something that will give you the extra help you need to succeed.

Getting help

It's not always easy to find a person who will give answers to all your questions. Read on to learn how to choose a helper.

About me

Hello! I'm Julia, and I'm a freelance writer. I started this blog to share my experience with students who want to become successful writers.